Children’s education

Sadly true: Education for children is not always a given in Uganda.

Over the past 6 months, we have conducted research together with AidEnvironment and CEFORD on school absenteeism and child labour, among about 950 farming families in the Brand Coffee Farm area. The survey has shown that, after covid-19, fewer children attend school. Many children stay at home to help on their parents’ farm, or are working elsewhere. This often happens due to the lack of funds to pay school fees.

From Brand Coffee Farm, we will help to give all children a chance to go back to school and build on their future. We will improve the income of farming families by training farmers to get a better yield, quality and price for their coffee. We will also work with local government, communities and teachers to improve the quality of education.

For this, we are happy to be supported by Fonds Bestrijding Kinderarbeid (FBK) van RVO. Together we are working on the project plan that will lead to improving this situation, where we can contribute to providing better future opportunities for children in the communities around us.


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