Creating Single Origin Specialty Robusta Coffee

Brand Coffee Farm | Mubende | Uganda

Brand Coffee Farm

Uganda is considered to be the birthplace of Robusta Coffee. The majority of coffee farmers in Uganda have been growing the fine robusta coffees for many years. Most of them on small farms of 1 -2 acres of land. In general the Ugandan robusta coffees are sold through large exporting organisations who export the coffee in bulk to buyers all over the world.

Contrary to arabica coffee varieties, robusta is not known as a speciality coffee. Or maybe we should like to say, not yet . . . .

Arabica coffees are sold in the market as single origin, specific cup-profile, information on coffee farmer available, and fully traceable. Robusta coffee is developing in a similar direction. Coffee roasters and baristas who blend arabica with robusta know all about their arabica coffees but operate in the dark regarding the robusta coffees they use. We have noticed a growing demand for high quality, washed, single farmer origin, fully traceable, certified robusta coffee.

At Brand Coffee Farm we are working on making the specialty robusta by combining modern best farming practices based on different principles like regenerative agriculture and circular coffee farming, applying the best harvest and post-harvest practices. Washing the coffee at the farm, applying new fermentation techniques and drying the washed coffee in 3-layer greenhouse tunnels.

Furthermore Brand Coffee Farm is developing into a demonstration farm, closely connected to the coffee cooperatives of small coffee farmers in our vicinity. We are cooperating with these cooperatives and have started to engage in training on crop diversification and agroforestry principles. We aim to further develop that collaboration in a way that it will be beneficial for the smaller farmers in developing their income and future sustainability.