Inclusive Coffee Farming

Inclusive Coffee Farming

Our aim is to be more than a large coffee farm in Uganda. We strive to contribute to the livelihood of our surrounding communities and interact and support small-holder coffee farmers in the two cooperatives in our vicinity.

We have started to collaborate with the two cooperatives (Kanseera and Kitenga) around us. All together they count about 900 coffee farmers. We have connected them with the malaria project of CoffeeQuest/CarePlus, providing every farming family mosquito nets.

In November 2021 we start to pilot on creating additional income for farmers by selling Jack Fruit to Business Lab Uganda (BLU) ultimately exporting it to the EU.

In 2022 we will start a 4-year project funded by RVO Netherlands to work with small farmers on intercropping with other cash crops e.g. macadamia trees, organic composting and bee keeping. This project will be implemented with MVO Netherlands, the Coffee Quest and Uganda Coffee Farmers Alliance (UCFA).

Furthermore, Brand Coffee Farm will host small-holder coffee farmers for following trainings and demonstrations on our way of working and organizing at the farm. Even collaboration in washing their coffees to obtain better marketprices will be starting in the near future.

To create a better living standard in the 4 villages around us, we are providing clean drinking water for all who would like to have it. Furthermore we are developing a separate initiative through a foundation which will start in the beginning of 2022 “Kimuli”.

Kimuli means flower in Luganda and through the foundation we would like to further support the 4 villages and all families living there. The focus will be on health, scholing and youth employment.