Specialty Robusta



Robusta as a Specialty Coffee

Robusta coffee is generally seen as the mainstream coffee contrary to Arabica which is perceived as a more high-end quality coffee. Arabica coffees are promoted as single origin specialty coffee often connected to specific characteristics of the location of origin, the estate or farmer and description on the unique characteristics of that particular coffee. Consumers, especially the younger generations of coffee lovers, are becoming genuinely interested in the origin of coffee and the specific circumstances under which the coffee has been produced. Not only the quality aspects but more and more the impact on environment and social conditions.

In Southern European  countries arabica are traditionally blended with robusta coffees to create a cappuccino with a different character. They know exactly where the arabica beans are harvested and what story is connected to that. Often that knowledge is lacking on the robusta beans of the blend. We have noticed a shift in the market towards an increased interest in the origin of robusta and to the quality, environmental and social conditions of production. The specialty coffee market shows increasing interest in high-quality Robusta varieties. Sector-wide efforts are under way to improve production and reach Fine Robusta quality. The demand for a single origin quality robusta is increasing and the traditionally lower price of robusta is favorably influenced if the robusta coffee has the information on quality, environmental and social conditions.

At Brand Coffee Farm we have been determined from the start to make the shift towards producing a Single Origin Fine Robusta Coffee for the specialty markets. We aim to show that Uganda can be the frontrunner in producing these fine coffees as the country is perceived as the birthplace of the robusta coffee and the large majority of all coffee produced is robusta. Brand Farm is developed as a model farm showing and training farmers how to develop towards producing Fine Robusta Coffees and being able to make a distinction in the specialty markets. We are putting a lot of energy and time into growing our coffee in an environment based on agroforestry and circular farming principles, high quality harvest mentality, fermenting and washing the selected beans and dry the coffee according high standards. This will translate into a unique cup quality and profile connecting our farm and small holders around us with the coffee lover enjoying our coffee.